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My parents were both missionaries in Nigeria. My father was actually born and raised there as the son of a missionary. He spent most of his life serving our LORD in Nigeria.

My Mom, Phyllis, passed into our Lord's presence in 2011. She was a registered nurse and helped out at the mission hospital. She also helped with the home schooling of my sister's children. My sister and her husband (Lois and Tom Wheeler), also live on the same mission station and she is also a registered nurse. They have six children.

My Dad followed her, into the Lord's presence, 21st April 2014.  Here is an article my sister, Sue, wrote for CMML. CMML Article by Sue

My sister, Lois, and her husband, Tom, continue with the work.  Their mailing address is:

  • Tom and Lois Wheeler

  • P.M.B 1085

  • Ankpa, Kogi State

  • Nigeria, West Africa

  • 270001

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Just a nostalgic picture of home!


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