Rsum of John S Dibble

6361 Chaparral Lane, Missoula, MT 59808

Summary: I thrive on challenges and I am looking for part-time work, from home, that uses my unique combination of skills and experience. With 22+ years experience in Air Traffic Control, I have a strong customer service background. I am detailed oriented, and have a record of being able to multi-task in a fast paced environment. I constantly look for ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness. 

I have handled confidential and sensitive material. I cultivated interpersonal relationships with management, employees, customers, as well as with Senators and Congressmen. I used team building and brain storming, strengthened interpersonal communication, and practiced interest based bargaining. I have completed the FAA's "Partnership Challenge Course" for improving working relationships between Management and Unions. 

I have excellent computer skills, am familiar with numerous types of software, and am adept at learning new programs. I maintain proficiency with AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp by working on projects at home. I am currently working on a new classroom building for a Bible School in Nigeria.

Examples of my work can be found at

Objective: After retirement I returned to school for drafting and design, using AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp. I am now looking to stimulate my creativity and use some of the skills I developed in a high-stress occupation and since retiring. In addition to being motivated and dedicated, I can be an asset to any company seeking to increase productivity and efficiency.

Salary: Seeking fair compensation for services, with a preference for creativity incentives.

Skills: Analytical, Communication, Negotiation, Organization, Safety and Computer


  Analyzed national/international data across the US, Canada and Mexico.

  Analyzed national directives and developed procedures for implementing changes locally.

  Analyzed data to project hourly staffing needs for labor/management schedule negotiations.


  Provided customers with a clear, precise picture of expected conditions.

  Provided alternate plans to avoid risks.

  Four years National Public Relations Representative.

  Public speaking (Conventions, classroom, air shows, etc.)

  Issued and disseminated Press Releases.

  Developed and published fliers and handouts for Air Shows and Conventions.

  Maintained Union Webpage for 6 years.


  6 years local experience and 4 years regional experience as Union Representative.

  8 years experience with Interest Based Bargaining.

  Attended the FAA's Partnership Challenge Course.

  Negotiated procedures and schedules at the local and regional levels for 6 years.


  Organized booth space, room requirements, transportation, and materials for Air Shows.

  Worked with a $50,000 annual budget and came in under budget each year.

  Organized workgroups for projects and committees at the local, regional and national level.

  Developed procedures to streamline and improve services.

  Developed procedures for consolidating facilities with minimal disruption to service.


  Handled in-flight emergencies without hesitation.

  Tracked air traffic and initiated search and rescue operations.

  Provided assistance to aircraft in distress situations.

  Served as facility OSHA representative for 3 years.


35+ years experience with home PCs, plus various other computer systems used by the FAA.



MS Office

MS Excel

MS FrontPage

MS Word


MS Outlook



Gimp (Photo Editing)






  Miscellaneous Skills:

Writing (Fliers, lesson plans, web pages, skits, plays, etc.)

Design (Worked with clients to develop remodeling ideas.)

Training (On-the-job trainer as air traffic controller, private computer training for individuals.)


Norris Woodworking, Inc.

Missoula, MT

From 9/14 to 10/15


Drafting for cabinets, doors and paneling.

Delivery, Denver Newspaper Agency.

Parker, CO

From 12/10 to 05/11


Contract newspaper route

Warehouse Laborer, DSI Systems, Inc.

Denver, CO

From 06/06 to 09/07


Order picking, shipping, receiving and Inventory

Intermountain Staffing Resources

Commerce City, CO

From 01/06 to 06/06


Various temporary jobs Laborer, printing, auto auctions


Air Traffic Controller, DOT-FAA


From 08/82 to 04/05


Denver AFSS

From 01/87 to 04/05


Great Falls FSS

From 01/86 to 12/86


Lewistown FSS

From 09/84 to 12/85


Great Falls, Tower

From 08/82 to 09/83


Weather briefing, Search & Rescue, Flight planning & tracking, Weather observations, Training


Plans & Procedures Specialist, DOT-FAA

Denver AFSS

From 01/88 to 03/92


Developed local procedures in response to national directive changes.

Developed projected staffing needs based on historical data.

Tracked traffic data.

Generated monthly reports as required.

Natl Association of Air Traffic Specialists

Denver AFSS

From 6/92 to 04/05


Negotiated schedules, procedures, working conditions and compensation with management at the local, regional and national level.

Handled local and regional grievance procedures.

National Public Relations Officer.

Issued Press Releases and fliers.

Organized and managed air shows and conventions.

Office Assistant, ADEA Property Mgmt

Missoula, MT

From 10/83 to 08/84


Data entry, reports, IT support, Maintenance, Customer relations

Also experienced in fire fighting, timber management, OTR trucking, dispatch, logging, home improvement/maintenance, and hospital housekeeping.



High School: University of Nebraska, HS Correspondence Div. Lincoln, NE Diploma 1974

University: State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

2 years 1975 to 1977 - Fine Arts Major.

Technical School: Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, Oklahoma City, OK

Control Tower Operators Certificate 1982

Flight Service Controllers Certificate 1984

Flight Watch Certificate - 1990

FAA Center for Management Development: Palm Coast, Florida:

Numerous supervisory/management/clerical skills courses and correspondence courses.

Partnership Challenge Course Interest based bargaining.

Pueblo Community College: Canon City, CO:

Drafting and Design Technology 2008 to 2010

Denver Community College: Denver, CO:

Sketch-Up and Revit classes 2012



Updated: 03 Feb 2017